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Commercial Solar Installation

Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, if it’s solar you want, Sunburst Electrical can provide a system to meet your requirements. By partnering with us, you will get the best solar energy solution customised to your needs. With over 15 years of experience across a diverse range of industries, we can simplify the process of getting solar for your business.

Your business has enough expenditures, don’t let rising energy costs continue to drain you of your profits. Take advantage of having ample roof space and reap the rewards of having a solar system installed. If you would like to find out more about our commercial solar installations, contact us to arrange a free no-obligation consultation.

Need Solar Power for your Business?

Commercial Solar Power Installations

By switching to solar power, you can promote your business as an environmentally conscious one, which, in this highly competitive world, can work to the benefit of your business, particularly as we look towards a more sustainable future.

Our experienced team of solar installers will review and analyse your energy bills to understand your usage and tariffs. With this analysis, we can then determine the best solar solution to minimise your energy bills.

Our Solar Installation Process

Getting solar has never been easier, thanks to Sunburst Electrical. Our installation process is straightforward and hassle-free.

Step 1: Free Consultation

Start your solar power journey by making an appointment with one of our qualified installers. They will come to your home or business, discuss your options and recommend which solar system is best for your needs

Step 2: Installation

Once you are happy with our recommendation and payment plan proposal, a deposit is required. One of our friendly team members will confirm your installation date

Step 3: The Paperwork

We take care of all the boring paperwork for you. We will collect the required paperwork from you, submit the application to your electricity provider and seek approval before installation commences.

Step 4: System Installation

Our CEC- accredited licensed installers will install your solar system on your dedicated installation date.

Step 5: Balance Payment and Grid Connection

Once we receive the balance payment, we submit the paperwork to connect your system to the grid so you can start to reap the rewards of solar power.

Services we Offer

From solution design to maintenance, and everything in between, we do it all. Our services include:

  • Solution design
  • Solar feasibility study
  • Solar PV System Installation
  • Tier 1 Solar panel - supply and installation
  • Solar Panel - Repairs and Cleaning
  • Solar Inverters - Installation, Repairs and Replacements
  • Ongoing support and maintenance
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Commercial Solar Repairs and Maintenance

Not just installations, we also provide complete ongoing support and maintenance for your commercial solar PV system. When you have faulty solar panels or inverters, we can provide you with cost-effective and practical solutions.

Our solar technicians are CEC accredited and can help with solar repairs and ongoing maintenance. If your solar PV system is not working as expected, get in contact with us today.

Why switch to Solar Power?

Save on Energy Bills

The biggest advantage solar systems offer businesses is the significant cost savings it presents. Energy costs have gone up more than 100% over the past 10 years. By having a solar system installed, and being on the grid, your business can control its future energy bills, which in turn, improves your cash flow.

Unpredictable and fluctuating energy bills will be a thing of the past because rising energy prices will be a thing of the past! With a quality solar system from Sunburst Energy, you will know what to expect each month.

Sustainable Energy

Today, it pays for a business to be environmentally conscious and be committed to reducing its carbon footprint. Having a solar system installed displays a positive message that your business is serious about the environment and sustainability. This can be a major drawcard from attracting new business in this day and age.

Attractive ROI on your investment

Commercial solar systems are a true investment that yields a substantial return on investment. With an average pay-back period of 3 to 5 years, a commercial solar system offers a greater ROI than most other investments. The money you save on your energy bills can then be invested back into your business.

Low Maintenance Costs

Solar systems don’t usually require a lot of maintenance. With intermittent cleaning and regular health checks by a licensed electrical contractor, they should last around 20-25 years. Once your solar panels are installed, you can almost forget about them. The ongoing maintenance costs are very minimal.

Adds Value to your commercial premises

Having a commercial solar system installed will increase the value of your business premise and make it more attractive to potential buyers when it comes time to sell the property. Studies show that commercial premises with solar systems sell for more, and at a faster rate, than those that don’t.

5 Awesome Reasons to go for Sunburst Electrical

  • Reliable Installations - We supply, install and repair solar power systems from Tier 1 Manufacturers. No two businesses are alike and we get that. Your solar PV system will be designed to meet your individual needs. We will design and install the system ensuring it meets your current and future needs.
  • Quality Guarantee - Our solar installations are backed by our quality guarantee for added peace of mind.
  • Emergency Solar Electricians - We are available 24/7 to assist with your solar power troubles. When you have an issue, give us a call and our technician will be there promptly
  • CEC Accredited - Our technicians are fully qualified and accredited with the Clean Energy Council
  • Prompt and Professional - With over 15 years of experience across a diverse range of industries, you will get the best solar technicians in the business.

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